Yoo Welcome!!!

My name is Carl,you can still use Corgi i don't mind and i prefer both of them so yeah!!

Any Pronouns!!
So um im a Youtuber/Artist/Animator and yeah, i might do other stuff like streaming and shit but i mostly upload youtube videos or upload stupid shit tweets

Anyways im very active on discord and you mainly see me talking in the Bashimania fan server
(You should check out Bashimania its still in work but don't worry lily is making a type of crew so yeah)

Main Fandoms im In!

  • Rhythm heaven

  • Osc

  • Cookie run

  • Roblox

  • Bashimania(still in works)

  • Friday night funkin(kinda)

Other Fandoms

  • Omori

  • Parappa

  • Cat game

  • Pony town

  • Piggy(im barely in it anymore i don't even know if thats considered a fandom im in)

  • Newsground stuff

*if any of these fandoms trigger you or you just don't like it at all then you should possibly don't interact with me because im into these(mostly talking about rhythm heaven and osc and roblox and cookie run so yeah)

DNI if..

  • Homophobic or any hate towards the LGBTQ+ Community

  • Pedophile, Maps, pls get the fuck out of my profile

  • Sexualizing my oc's(that also counts as pedophilia)

  • A troll(or basically annoying the fuck out of me)

  • Slurs, im sensitive towards them so pls don't shout slurs at me

Thats it
Honestly this is a very stupid profile i made and idk how to fucking make those page thingies
Also im gonna be putting my socials here later ok

( Made with Carrd )